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Toolroom & Design


Romac’s TOOL ROOM, operated by highly experienced toolmakers, is equipped with:

→ CNC machines

→ Five (5) turret mills

→ Grinders

→ A manual lathe

→ A 20” by 40” automatic surface grinder.


In-House Design

Romac's design department uses our 30+ years of expertise to ensure our designs always meet customer needs. On receipt of an order Romac develops CNC programs in-house to machine the part. Our engineers use SolidEdge software, as well as the most current CAD / CAM software to ensure file transfer compatibility to and from our customers. CAD designs are seamlessly converted through our CAM packages to the various machine tools via DNC connections, to provide optimal tooling and programming solutions. Virtual tool path simulations ensure any tuning corrections are made before the first chip is cut. 

This in-house design capability correlates to greater accountability throughout our manufacturing services. By offering a complete process, from design to prototype to production, our in-house solutions alleviate the stress customers often experience when caught between designer-manufacturer conflicts.

Working with Other Companies:

Working with Other Companies

Working with Other Companies

Working with Romac's In-House Solutions:
Working with Romac's In-House Solutions